Grandmaster Wong

Grandmaster Wong was born 1955, he started practicing Hung Kuen under Master Leung Gam Gwong in 1970. In 1972, Master Wong started helping Master Leung in his teaching and in 1974 he became the martial arts instructor at the Chan Ho Yuen Martial Arts Association. Due to family reasons Master Leung stopped teaching martial arts during this time Master Wong continued teaching Hung Kuen. In 1995 Master Wong started to go to Lam Jo’s Martial Arts Association, Lam Gwoon, where he received further instructions from Grandmaster Lam Jo. Master Wong practiced at Lam Gwoon for 15 years. Since then Master Wong has been teaching Hung Kuen in Utrecht, in Holland 2012. The teaching including private lessons as well as group practice. Master Wong has also been invited to Hannover, Germany to teach at his students Mo Gwoon, he has been there 4 times already. In the 15 year period when Master Wong practiced in Lam Gwoon, he represented Lam Jo’s Martial Arts Association at the First Traditional Wushu Competition, held in 2004 in Zhengzhou, China. Master Wong has also been representing Lam Jo’s Martial Arts Association in various public performances in Hong Kong and China. Master Wong also participated in the 170th anniversary for Kong Chow Wui Koon in Singapore. He has been invited to Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines and other countries to represent the hung style at different occasions.