Master Narcyz Latecki

Master Narcyz Latecki (雷鐵客 Lei Tieke).
He’s one of the Top One Hundred Extraordinary Martial Artists of the World and Prominent Wushu Coach. 7 degree black belt (黑带七段 Qi Duan), Chairman and director of International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association.
1985-1997 he has won the title of all-around champion, taking 34 gold medals in international Martial Arts Championships, in Europe and the United States.
Narcyz was born in 1969 in Poland. Beginning his martial arts studies in the early eighties at the age of twelve, first with Japanese Karate Kyokushin and Shotokan. Then later on, he turned his passion to Chinese martial arts, which has become his life-long pursuit.
Since then, he studied extensively with several prominent Grandmasters in internal and external martial arts, such as:
Yang Jwingming 杨俊敏 – who is the founder of the International YMAA Training System (styles taught: Shaolin Changquan, Baihequan, Qinna, Yang Style Taiji, and Qigong);
Liang Shouyu 梁守渝 – who was voted as one of the most outstanding masters and top professional coaches in China (styles taught: Emei System, Wuji System, Traditional Wushu, Chen Style Taiji, Xingyi, Bagua, Qigong, Da Pong Gong, Tie Bu Shan – Iron Shirt , Shuaijiao and Weapons);
Ma Xianda 馬賢達 – who is one of the first and highest ranking masters in China, nominated as Jiu Duan (styles taught: Ma Shi Tongbei System – Bajiquan, Piguaquan, Fanziquan, Chuojiao, Tongbei weapons).
Narcyz is also one of the first certified in Europe to test and rank students and instructors, in the International YMAA Training System.
1993 immigrated to the USA, obtaining a working visa due to his martial arts skills, and taught as head instructor at YMAA HQ in Boston.
Narcyz is a versatile practitioner, teacher, and national judge. He has been featured in pay-per-view television and The Discovery Channel, as well as other TV shows , instructional videotapes and books on Chinese martial arts. In 2015 Narcyz was honored come to China as a one of the top masters from USA to participate in filming TV series „The New Legend of the Martial Arts Heroes“.