Sifu Tadeusz Gacki

Tadeusz Gacki

Prominent Polish Wushu practitioner, IWSD Affiliate Chairman, 6th Level black Belt instructor.

He began martial arts training in October 1976 at a self-defense school. In January of 1980,he passed the First Dan Level in Vo  Quyen style, and on April 29,1980 was given a self-defense instructor license/Polish State License. He has paticipateted in numerous shows, television and radio programs. On February 6,1983 he participated in the first National Kung Fu Shows in Warsaw.The next day The Polish Commission of Kung Fu /Wu Shu at Main Management  of Popularization of Physical Culture was founded.He was elected vice president of the commission, which associated all the Kung Fu instructors working in Poland. In April 1986 he organized a Schooling Seminar conducted by Master Yang Jwing-Ming. In the same year he took part in First International Instructors Seminar of Wu Shu in Jinan/China. From June 1986 to February 1987,he organized the YMAA branch in Poland. On March 15, 1987 he organized The First in Poland Kung Fu Competition in Tychy. In 1988 he organized a Wu Shu Seminar conducted by the Chinese Wu Shu Federation. In the same year the first official Kung fu instructors schooling took place in Kraków, during which they obtained Polish Kung Fu / Wu Shu instructors licenses Kung fu, at the same time, became incorporated within the Polish Karate Association. He was elected the Commissions secretary. On November 18,1989 he organized The First National Kung Fu / Wu Shu Competitions in Tychy. In 1990 published his first book, Chi Kung – Internal Kung Fu , based on the materials by Master Yang Jwing-Ming, whose East European Headquarters is situated in Tychy.He was elected president and got coach license. He published Master Yang s book: The Eight Pieces of Brocade. In May, 1992 he founded the Polish Association Oriental Martial Arts “ YANG”. He was elected president and organized an instructors course for YMAA members. In the same year he was one of the judges of The First International Kung Fu / Wu Shu Championships in Warsaw. Since 1994 he has cooperated with Master Zhang Feng-Jun,whom he assi the polish-Chinese Association of Wu Shu “Nan Bei” of which he has been the vice December 1995 he organized the Semi-Contact kick-boxing Cup and Wu Shu Show. He has started university studies, and in 1997 he received the title of “psychobiological rehabilitation specialist”. He has also got First Master Level Reiki, Usui System of Natural Healing. He has specialist in non-invasive human method/i.e. evaluation of human based on their appearance and psychografology, as well he received titles as bioenergotherapist, and in psycho-technical medicine. Wrote a handbook on Qigong for students of the Astrobiological Academy. He became a lecturer at the European Academy of Integrative psychology, where he has been teaching the basic of Qigong and Taijiquan. He wrote a 24 postures Taijiquan nadbook for patients of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Jaworze. With which he cooperated for a year. He is the author of the book,Qigong – Exercises for Health. He  has organized two Kung Fu instructors courses for the Polish-Chinese Wu Shu Association “Nan Bei” members.He is a founder and president of Tai kung Tao Arts Center,having its headquarter in Tychy. His students, during the years,have gathered numerous titles National and International Champion. Owing to the comprehensive level of he martial arts is outstanding , doing for the martial arts business outstanding contribution,Pass by “World martial arts famous person judge committee judge and decide “The qualifications authenticate,give to “World martial arts famous person” title of honor,espe-cially issue certificate serial number WCSA-WOM159  date 28.09.2008 .